“Superman: Man of Tomorrow” *My* treatment :)

Before we get started, I just wanted to clarify some issues that I’m DEAD sure the fans are gonna pick up:
1. A SPACESHIP FOR *THAT* GUY??? Yes. Let alone the fact that it SERVES the story. I really see no other way of happening. The bad guy can’t just show up in the middle of Metropolis. Lacks impact and being honest, sounds a little dull.

2. HIVE? Yes, yes. I know it’s called H.I.V.E., and I also know it’s from a different… stage (hehehehehe) and he’s really not a sergeant. So please. I just thought it would be cool to include a name the fans would recognize.

Now, here’s a tricky one. I know LexCorp is really the source. But, in my world, this is a trilogy, ending up in the Justice League coming together. At some point, I got to come up with “cameos” like these to keep the interest high and story flowing. Otherwise it’s just like “Hey! Here’s Batman!” and nobody wants that.
Having that said, I also wanted to let you guys know, this is MY original story. I’m publishing it here for fun.
I’m not making any money and truly, I don’t expect to.
If somebody steals this and ends up at Warner and by some random act of sheer luck, gets done, I’ll be nothing more than happy. I’m not doing this to see a movie get made. I’m doing this because I love the character and I *hate* the fact that Luthor is always depicted as a Real-state scam. C’mon! What is he, jewish?! Luthor is, well, what The Joker is for Batman: The ultimate nemesis. So, why should he be always so sugar-coated?!
Plus, I’m also sick of the same villains, and the same plot.
Superman is not confusion; Bruce Wayne is. Superman is not lost; Bruce Wayne is. Why should we keep on seeing him alienated? Lost? Looking for himself? (And on a freaking FISHING BOAT?!)

Anyway, I just wanted to take this story out of my system. It has been driving me crazy for almost a year now.
Now that it’s finally out there, I can get some sleep.

Again: It’s my original story, not anyone’s copy. Let’s keep it that way. Don’t steal it. And if you do, at least get it to Warner.

La historia está dedicada a 2 personas:
A mi mujer, para que nunca pierda la esperanza.
A mi amigo Frank, el mayor (Trevor) fan de Superman que conozco y que yo veo más bien como Lex Luthor: Un genio a punto de ser descubierto.

So, after all this (thanks for your patience).
Here it is:
My “Superman: Man Of Tomorrow” treatment.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy.